31st March 2020 – Sailing Newsletter

31st March 2020 – Sailing Newsletter


Dear Members,

I hope during this time of extraordinary upheaval you are all safe and well. As you know the club was forced into shutdown at midday Monday 23rd March. What does this mean? Essentially the club will remain closed until further notice. All indications are this may drag on into August or September and as such we will face significant hurdles.
The Board have put in place a number of things that will ensure we remain financially viable during this time. At this stage we are continuing with the renovation of the back deck and installation of a new walkway connecting the old marina with the new.
As Boat owners with boats in the marina this will present issues with access to your boat. When the time comes, we will liaise with you to ensure that the disruption is minimal.
I will ask if you are coming to check on your boat please ensure that the gates are closed after you have entered or exited. This will help with our increased security efforts throughout the closure. A member of staff is checking the marina 7 days a week so if you don’t have to come down please stay at home.
From a club perspective the quickest way to get the club to open is for everyone to abide by rules set down at a national and state level.
Please stay safe and I look forward to welcoming you back when we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

Mark Norden
Chief Executive Officer

MARCH 2020

Firstly, I hope this Newsletter finds you and your family well and COVID-19 has not caused you too many issues. We are certainly living through a very difficult period from both a health and economic perspective. As you would be aware, the Club has closed until further notice, but boat owners still have access to the Marina. However, we don’t know when we will be back racing again.
I would like to thank all skippers and crew that have sailed with us over the Summer Season and last Winter. Congratulations to the point score winners and placegetters. We had many changes to the program, and the results of the survey were very supportive of most of the changes. I would also like to thank the many volunteers that make our club work in particular the Sailing Committee, the Handicappers, the Protest committee and the course committee. The racing team lead by Ross Ahrens are an invaluable part of our Club and Ross makes my job as Rear Commodore much easier.
There have been a several events cancelled or postponed at the Club including:
The annual Boat Owners meeting on Saturday the 21st of March. We will try and reschedule this to sometime before the end of August.
The She Sails event at the end of March.
The Friendship Cup with NCYC in early April
Presentation Night on the 9th of May. We will try and reschedule this to sometime before the end of August.
The Club AGM has been postponed.


The annual Boat Owners survey has been completed and thanks to the 58 people who provided responses. There is some great feedback in the responses, and this will assist the Sailing Committee as we plan future seasons. We have sent the results out to all boat owners but in anybody would like to see these results, please click on this link:


Every year we have a Lady Sailor of the Year, and we are looking for nominations for this year. Could skippers please send nominations to Ross Ahrens racing@lmyc.com.au


Every month, I will be providing an update of the Cruising Division events. This month I have included a report from the Cruising Division Skipper, Tony Austin.

My – what a difference a month makes! Since I wrote my last report the world has changed dramatically and may never be the same again. The COVID-19 outbreak has become a full-blown pandemic and our country is facing a threat last seen in 1918. We have seen the levels of restrictions escalate at an alarming pace with LMYC (along with all other clubs) now closed indefinitely, racing being progressively cancelled and many people losing their jobs. In compliance with the public health restrictions that have been put in place in NSW the CD Committee has cancelled all meetings and on water activities until such time as it is safe to resume. At this stage no-one has any idea when that will be.

Despite the horrible events taking place around us, we are blessed as we have our boats! Autumn is always a great time of year for sailing with clear blue skies, gentle breezes and not too many other people out on the water. Given the stress that we and our families are experiencing at present a dose of sailing would be most therapeutic. I commend it to you even if you have to do it on your own. You might even consider going ‘off-line’ for a few days just to enjoy the boating without all the ‘doom and gloom’ that has been bombarding us over the past few weeks. I am sure that people will come up with innovative ways to pass the time and have fun so urge you to remain connected by sharing them on our FB page.

On a happier note, we had an outstanding Pittwater Cruise. Maureen and Fred led a dedicated team of helpers who put together a great ‘Outback Oz Adventure’ program that had something for everyone. There were lots of smiling faces and I think everyone felt greatly refreshed by the experience. Pittwater/Broken Bay and environs are a great cruising ground and it would really take many months to explore it all. If you have not done one yet I strongly urge you to put the dates (soon to be published in the Cruiseletter) into your diary.

On behalf of the CD Committee I wish you and your families all the very best for these difficult time and hope that you all get through unscathed.



In Division 1 the winner was Dee One (Ken Buckingham) on 25.5 points from Squid4Woodsy (Steve Liddell) on 27.5 points and Dreadnaught (Ed Hillier) on 30.5 points.
In Division 2, the winner was Mirage (David Kelty) on 22 points from The Apple (Warren Hodgkins) on 25 points and Scaramouche (John Skillicorn) on 37 points.

Saturday – Summer Series

In 1st Division, the winner was So Farr (Dale Sharp) on 33.5 points from Rhumb (Bob & Ian Humprhis) on 42 points and and The Raging Bull (Andrew Turner ) on 48 points.
In 2nd Division the winner was Anarchie (Paul Hannan) on 26 points from Excess (Bruce Dobinson) on 27 points and Pogue Mahone (Scott Hamilton) on 28 points.
In 3rd Division, the winner was Even Keel (Peter Shaddock) on 34 points from Mirage (David Kelty) on 42 points and Liaison (Micheal Wilkins) on 44 points

Saturday – Annual Pointscore

In 1st Division, the winner was Rhumb (Robert & Ian Humphris) on 73 points from So Farr (Dale Sharp) on 80.5 points and Stampede (Michael McDonald) on 87 points.
In 2nd Division, the winner was Excess (Bruce Dobinson) ion 57.5 from Pogue Mahone (Scott Hamiliton) on 60 points and Tenacity (David Young) on 65.5 points.
In 3rd Division, the winner was Topaz (Greg Nolan) on 72 points from Even Keel (Peter Shaddock) points on 73 points and Mirage (David Kelty) on 76 points.

Pulbah Series

In 1st Division, the winner was Squid4Woodsy (Steve Liddell) on 19 points from Morticia on 21 points and Stampede (Michael McDonald) on 23 points.
In 2nd Division, the winner was Pogue Mahone (Scott Hamiliton) on 16 points from Tenacity (David Young) on 18 points and Echo Beach (Phillip Matthews) on 23 points.
In 3rd Division, the winner was Topaz (Greg Nolan) on 15 points on a countback from Pentangle (Brian Varnum) also on 15 points and Liaison (Michael Wilkins on 19 points.

Bay Series

In 1st Division, the winner was Fathom (David Berryman) on 7 points on a countback from from Squid4Woodsy (Steve Liddell) also on 7 points and Finished Dreamin (Stephen Schutz) on 8 points.
In 2nd Division, the winner was Echo Beach (Phillip Matthews) on 4 points from Hoi Polloi (Phil Blanch) on 9 points and Excess (Bruce Dobinson) on 10 points.
In 3rd Division, the winner was The Shed (Roger Parker) on 8 points on a countback from Wedgewood (Roger Geary) alos on 8 points from Even Keel (Peter Shaddock) on 9 points.


If you are going anywhere sailing, let me know, and I will make mention in this Newsletter. We are always looking for stories for the Newsletter. If you have a contribution, please forward to me, and I will include it in the next Newsletter.

All the best and please stay safe,

Steven Ford Rear Commodore LMYC
E: rearcommodore@lmyc.com.au