4 Tips to Cut Party Costs Without Reducing the Fun

4 Tips to Cut Party Costs Without Reducing the Fun

You’re probably trying to balance the need to throw a thrilling party and the soaring costs of achieving that. Well, you can cut the cost without reducing the fun for your guests. Here is how.

1. Create your guest list with e-invites or social media

People can easily keep track of events online in this digital age. E-invitation services can help you to create fun invitations via email at no cost. You can also log in to your social media platforms and invite your friends and request them to confirm if they will attend. Remember, if you don’t intend to welcome everyone, you can message specific people directly.

2. Shop supplies at a warehouse or discount store

If hosting a big party, it’s wise to shop at a store where you can get discounts. The prices at most warehouses are usually lower than those at retail stores and supermarkets. You can make huge savings if you negotiate, but don’t compromise on the quality. Luckily, you don’t need to walk around since most businesses have an online presence and you can chat live and receive instant responses. Compare deals offered by various online discount stores and settle on the most competitive.

3. Be your own DJ

You can save on the cost of hiring a DJ for your party and opt for a digital music library or an online music streaming service instead. This way, you will have a continuous playlist without paying anything. If you want your party to have everyone’s personal touch, you can ask them to prepare their favourite list of music and take turns listening to them.

4. Choose an affordable venue

The success of your party is dependent on the people and creating an interactive set up at your venue is very critical. Why should you bundle them up in a small space in your home when you can opt for venue hire in Newcastle at an affordable price?

Whatever your budget allocation for the party, we have a variety of function venues in Newcastle NSW for you. Call us today to discuss and schedule a viewing of our venues.