4th February 2020 – Sailing Newsletter

4th February 2020 – Sailing Newsletter


Presentation night has been changed to Saturday 9 May. This date change was necessary due a clash of commitments on May 2 for some key people involved in the presentation.  The Flag Officers felt it was necessary to change the date. Apologies if this has inconvenienced anybody and thanks for your understanding.

Sydney to Hobart 2019

The Sydney to Hobart is over for another year. LMYC was represented by She’s The Culprit which is owned by Glen Bulmer (Tac), Glen Picasso (Cyril) and David O’Dowd with a crew of mostly from LMY and NCYC who finished 20th in PHS. LMYC member Michael Graham took his Swan 43 Santana to Hobart with a crew of mostly LMYC and NCYC sailors who finished 90th on IRC. Well done to both of these boats and crews.

As always, there were several local sailors crewing on other boats. A few people that I didn’t mention last month were Lucas Chapman and Chris Nicholson on Infotrac, Beynon Leask and Stephen Chapman on Frantic and Wade Morgan on Gweilo.

If I have missed any member that went to Hobart, apologies.  Please let me know I will make sure that you get a mention in the next Newsletter.


The VX One Nationals were held at LMYC  in January, and the event got a great write up in sailworld “Many thanks to all at LMYC, they put on a great show and Race Management completed nine accurate and fair races. It was great to again have an RO willing to put on what competitors wanted ensuring racing was of a premium”. Well done Ross and the Race Team.

This link is for the full sailworld article.


The Etchell  State Championships will be held in February 2020, the International Canoes – trial regatta in November 2020 followed by the Nationals in January 2021, the Finns in October 2020 and January 2021.

BackChat (Tom Braidwood) 2020 Adams 10 National Champion

Tom Braidwood and the crew of Backchat from Lake Macquarie Yacht Club have won the 2020 Adams 10 Australian Championship sailed on The Sound in Sydney Harbour. Congrats to Tom and his crew. Follow the link below for the full story from Middle Harbour Yacht Club.



Lakefest will again be held on Lake Macquarie in February and LMYC will again play a significant role in this event. The combined clubs Windward Leeward Series will be held on Saturday 15 February and the Heaven Can Wait Regatta will be held on 22/23 February.  Below is the link to the Heaven Can Wait Regatta.


Friday Twilights

With the warm weather and daylight saving, Friday twilights are in full swing. There is always a cooling breeze on Belmont Bay. Twilight sailing is a great way to introduce friends to sailing in a relaxed race around the bay. It’s also a great way to finish the working week and start the weekend. Why not have a sail and then stay for a few drinks and dinner at the club.



Four races in the Summer Series 2 have been completed and Dreadnaught ( Ed Hillier) is leading on 16.5 points from Pugsley (Len Lavers) on 19  points and  Squid4Woodsy (Steve Liddell) on 21.5 points.

Saturday – Summer Series

The Summer racing series started in early December and five races have been completed.  Racing has been tight and competitive in every division.

In 1st Division, So Farr (Dale Sharp) is leading on 32 points from Morticia (Geoff Gardner) on 26 points and Ross Street (Noel Jenkins) on 31 points on a countback from Stampede (Michael McDonald)  also on 31 points.

In 2nd Division, Anarchie (Paul Hannan) is leading on 15 points from Echo Beach (Philip Matthews) on 16 points and Excess (Bruce Dobinson) on 19 points.

In 3rd Division, Even Keel (Peter Shaddock) is leading on 20 points from Mirage (David Kelty) also on 20 points and Topaz (Greg Nolan) on 29 points.

Good luck to all boats for the remaider of the series.

Saturday – Annual Pointscore

We are now 17 races into the annual pointscore and the racing is each division is very close.

In 1st Division, Rhumb (Robert & Ian Humphris) is leading on 64 points from Stampede (Michael McDonald) on 66 points and  So Farr (Dale Sharp) on 70 points on a counback from Morticia (Geoff Gardner) also on 70 points.

In 2nd Division, Excess (Bruce Dobinson) is leading on 50.5 from Echo Beach (Philip Matthews) on 53 points and Tenacity (David Young) on 54.5 points.

In 3rd Division, Mirage (David Kelty) is leading on 55 points from Topaz (Greg Nolan) on 57 points and Even Keel (Peter Shaddock) points on 58 points.

Contributions Welcome

If you are going anywhere sailing, let me know, and I will make mention in this Newsletter. We are always looking for stories for the Newsletter. If you have a contribution, please forward to me, and I will include it in the next Newsletter

Steven Ford

Rear Commodore LMYC, rearcommodore@lmyc.com.au