July 5th Sailing Newsletter

July 5th Sailing Newsletter

July 2018 Racing Newsletter

What’s been happening over winter:

Your Sailing Committee and Handicap committee has been working through all the suggestions from the boat owners meeting, reviewing the courses and sailing instructions, building up the program and checking with other clubs that we interact with to get the best program we can.

The White book is in the final draft and I expect will be available online soon as will the program. NB, when you read the program you will see a couple of things different.

  • We have scheduled more pointscore races for the coming season. One more Pursuit race and one more Pulbah race.
  • The first Saturday and the last Saturday of Lakefest will be pointscore races with Heaven Can Wait will be the middle weekend.
  • There is no Offshore series on the program. At this point we are still working with NCYC to schedule those races and they will be additional to the published program. It is my hope that we have the channel dredged to the point that we can get our yachts in and out without the difficulties that it has been over the last few years.

This year we will be running the same pointscore series that we initiated last year being Bay, Pursuit, Windward-Leeward, Pulbah and the RK Robinson series. We will continue with the spring and Summer series and the overall yearly pointscore series.

Other changes that have occurred. I wish to recognise John Morgan for his dedication to sailing over the years. John has decided to reduce, just a little, his workload. John has resigned as chair and member of the handicap committee but remains on the sailing committee providing vast experiences to the club and sailing.

Also, a loss to my team is Ian Tunks. Ian has resigned his position on the Sailing Committee but will continue to provide assistance to the handicap committee and will continue as a race officer.

New additions to the sailing organising is Ian White, Kite, who is joining the Sailing committee, Phil Blanch who will be representing the Handicappers on the sailing committee and John Skillicorn has also joined the handicap committee.

I look forward to working with these experienced sailors in organising sailing activities at our great club.

Winter Sailing:

Neither our Sunday winter racing or Wednesday winter racing have been experiencing great sailing conditions on a regular basis with mostly too little breeze causing shortened racing and two races being abandoned in each series. On the few occasions there has been good breeze it has been quite strong and gusty. There should be no surprises there, it is typical Winter sailing.

Wednesday results:

Congratulations to David Wonderley, Capsicum 1st, David Kelty, Mirage 2nd and Ross Shirtley, Osprey 3rd in the Winter series 1 on Wednesday racing.

Sunday racing:

Approximately half way through the series with 4 races completed out of six Derek Reed, Flying Colours is leading the pointscore. Mark Schaffer & Brett Lewis in Jam are only 1 point behind in second and Scott Hamilton in Pogue Mohone filling in third place on the pointscore.

Sail Port Stephens:

Congratulations to Ian Bower on Ignition fastest time in the feeder race from Newcastle to Port Stephens in his very fast Farr 400.

Other LMYC yachts that competed; Tow Truck, Anthony Pattison, who won the Supper 12s division, Valkyre Drew Garnett, Xstatic Len Lavers, Blueprint Rodney Scott, Kite Ian White,

Equinox Phil & Eleanor Cunningham, Beyond Cool Mark Clement.

Sydney Noumea:

Congratulations to Michael Graham and crew of Santana for successfully taking the LMYC burgee all the way to Noumea in the Sydney to Noumea race in June. Michael bought the Santana and spent many months reviving the beautiful Swan 43 and bringing her up to a condition to compete in this great ocean race.

I presented Michael with the LMYC Burgee at their crew table on the presentation night and asked to take it to Noumea and asked for a photo of the burgee flying on the backstay of Santana. Thanks, and congratulations Michael.

Sydney to Southport:

Look for She’s The Culprit and Stampede on the start line of the Southport Race. Both LMYC yachts have entered the race which is scheduled to start on July 28.

Good Luck to all LMYC Yachts and Sailors competing over winter in the tropical race weeks of Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island and Magnetic Island.

While we are congratulating….

Our Commodore Bill Chaseling asked me to add to the newsletter our congratulations to our CEO Mark Norden for his recent graduation where he received his MBA form Australian Institute of Business. Well done Mark and well deserved.


Geoff Edman

LMYC Rear Commodore