August 2020 Sailing Newsletter

August 2020 Sailing Newsletter

COVID Safe Sailing

Firstly, I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well, and COVID-19 has not caused you too many issues.

Australian Sailing has been doing a great job keeping all sailing clubs up to date on the impact of Covid-19 on sailing, and they have been actively involved with all levels of government.   As you would be aware we returned to sailing on 1 July and since then we have received great support from the skippers and crews on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Similarly, to the Winter season we will need to comply with the government’s Health Orders regarding Covid-19.  Boat owners and Skippers need to be aware of and comply with the LMYC Covid-19 Safety Plan. The Boatowner or Skipper must sign a declaration acknowledging the guidelines and will abide by the requirements of the LMYC COVID-19 Safety Plan.  This declaration only needs to be signed once, and those boats competing in the Wednesday or Winter Series will not be required to provide another declaration.  All other boats will be required to submit a declaration prior to the first race.

One of the important parts of the Safety Plan is the requirement that all skippers must provide a crew list prior to each race. The crew list will enable tracking in the case of a Covid-19 outbreak at the club.  Most competitors in the winter races have used a crew declaration facility on Top Yacht and we would encourage all skippers to use this.  The Sailing Instructions have been amended to include the Covid-19 requirements.  Ross Ahrens is available to help any skippers or crew in complying with the Safety Plan, the use of Top Yacht or anything related to Covid Safe Sailing.

2020/21 Season

The 2019/20 Sailing Season is fast approaching and we have not made any major number of changes for the 2020/21 sailing season.  However, we are pleased that RMYC Toronto boats will be joining us for a combined Pulbah Series over four races.  We have scheduled twenty-six races with six RK Robertson races, six Windward Leeward (combined with WASC and RMYC), four Pulbah races (with RMYC), five Pursuit races and five Bay races.

There are some key dates that skippers and boat owners need to be aware of –

  • All boats nominating to race are requested to do so by Friday 21 August 2020 if they want to take up the early bird price. Each boat must declare if they wish to sail with or without a spinnaker and the handicapper will determine a starting TCF.
  • The Sailing Committee will determine the preliminary Divisional allocation, and the TCF and preliminary divisional allocation of all boats will be advised to all boat owners by Wednesday 26 August 2020.
  • A boat may request a change of TCF based on a change from Spinnaker to non-Spinnaker or vice versa by Friday 28 August 2020. The Sailing Committee will ask the handicapper to review the TCF.  Taking into consideration the information provided by the handicapper, and the principles above, the Sailing Committee will advise the boat owner the results of the review by Wednesday 2 September 2020. The decision of the Sailing Committee will be final.
  • If a boat owner feels that they have allocated to the wrong division, then they can appeal in writing to the Sailing Committee by Friday 28 August 2020 with reasons why the divisional allocation should be changed. The Sailing Committee will review the appeal, taking into consideration the information provided by the boat owner, the handicapper, and the principles above. The decision of the Sailing Committee will be final and advised to the boat owner by Wednesday 2 September 2020.
  • The Sailing Committee will advise all boat owners by Wednesday 2 September 2020 of all boats starting TCF and Divisional allocation.
  • All boats nominating after Friday 21 August will be allocated to a Division based on their TCF, and this allocation will be final.

The new season will commence on Saturday, 5 September and we will be having our normal sail past commencing at 12:00 midday with prizes for the best-dressed boat and the best-dressed crew.  Covid-19 restrictions will preclude us from having the traditional post-race roast beef rolls, and we will ensure we do this when Covid-19 restrictions allow.

2019/20 Presentation

As you would be aware, we were not able to have the presentation for last season.  We were hoping that Covid-19 restrictions would have been lifted to allow us to have a presentation of trophies from last season before the opening day Sail Past on Saturday 5 September.  However, at this stage the restrictions on the club on gathering size and the requirement that all patrons must be seated in the club means that this is not possible. We still want to honour the tropy winners from last year and we will do this as soon as it is practically possible.

Thanks to our sponsors

I would like to make special mention of our sponsors for last season and the upcoming season.  These people support sailing, and if you can support them as well, that would be appreciated.

2019/2020 Sponsors were:

  • Buy’a’Boat (Bay Series)
  • Stephen Pearson Electrical (Pursuit Series)
  • Marine Outlet (Friday Twilight & Winter Series)
  • Hillier’s Advisors (Ladies Skipper Series)
  • Phillips Sails (Pulbah Series)
  • Lake Macquarie Moorings (Lakefest 2020)
  • Marmong Point Marina (Combined Windward Leeward)
  • Cutcher & Neale (Club Supporter)
  • Bella Group Services (Club Supporter)
  • Adam’s Family Meats (Club Supporter)
  • Kerry’s Styling Sessions (Club Supporter)
  • Coastal Shipwright (Club Supporter)
  • JR Marine (Club Supporter)
  • Gerry Wubbel’s Automatics (Club Supporter)
  • Crusoe’s on the Lake (Club Supporter)
  • Sticky Digital (Club Supporter)

2020/2021 Sponsors are:

  • Marmong Point Marina (Wednesday Series/Corporate Sponsor)
  • Buy’a’Boat (Bay Series)
  • Stephen Pearson Electrical (Pursuit Series)
  • Marine Outlet (Friday Twilight)
  • Hillier’s Advisors (She Sails Series)
  • Alkira Boatshed (Combined Pulbah Series)
  • Lake Macquarie Moorings (Winter Series)
  • JR Marine (Lakefest 2021 Sponsor 1)
  • Gerry Wubbel’s Automatics (Lakefest 2021 Sponsor 2)
  • Bella Group Services (Combined Windward Leeward)
  • Adam’s Family Meats (Club Supporter)
  • Newcastle Yacht Rigging and Sails (Club Supporter)
  • Sticky Digital (Club Supporter)
  • Cutcher & Neale (Club Supporter)
  • Phillip’s Sails (Club Supporter)
  • Crusoe’s on the Lake (Club Supporter)


Wednesday – Winter Series 2

After seven scheduled races and two abandoned due to weather, Dreadnaught (Ed Hillier) is leading of 31 points from Another Promise (Jeff Quirk) on 36 points and Pugsley (Len Lavers) also on 36 points.

Winter Series

After five scheduled races and one abandoned due to weather Sarsala (David Wonderley)) is leading of 14 points from Beat to Quarters (Eddie O’Donnell)  on 15 points and Jam (Brett Lewis )on 16 points.


All the best and please stay safe,

Steven Ford

Rear Commodore LMYC