Checklist for wedding venues in Lake Macquarie

Checklist for wedding venues in Lake Macquarie

Planning for a wedding is not a straightforward affair, and things can go wrong if small details are not given the attention they deserve. The little details can make a vast difference when it comes to making the wedding stand out. To relieve the anxiety and overwhelming stress that comes with ensuring that the wedding venue is in perfect order, here is a checklist you can follow.

Wedding venue items

After picking your wedding venue in Lake Macquarie, the next thing should be to decide whether you want the wedding reception to be in the same place. If it is in the same location, choose a date to check if the venue will be available. You do not want to book the venue on a crowded day full of other activities. Check to see if there is a caterer available at the site, or whether you will have to hire from elsewhere. Lastly, choose the theme of your wedding. Having a colour scheme that matches both the wedding venue and the reception will make your function memorable to many people.

Wedding reception refreshments

Plan to attend a tasting event and sample different meals put together by the caterer you contract. This way, you can easily put your wedding menu together. Decide on the menu and select the drinks for your guests. Lastly, figure out what will be for dessert depending on the menu.

Entertainment elements for the reception

For your wedding reception to be lively, you must hire entertainment services from a reliable and experienced DJ or band, depending on your preferences. Nothing can spoil your event like having poor entertainment. Let your caterer help you design the reception space, taking into account the food service, seating arrangements, dancing and entertainment.

Other considerations

  • Rental equipment – check to see if you will need to rent additional items like chairs, tables or linen.
  • Have a timeline within which activities will take place
  • Send out invitations
  • Enjoy the day!

If planning your wedding or securing a wedding venue in Lake Macquarie sounds like too much hard work, contact us today and will help with all the logistics while you relax ahead of your big day.