Choosing a Waterfront Wedding Venue

Choosing a Waterfront Wedding Venue

It is no surprise that water-front wedding venues are a favourite among most couples who want to have an intimate and picture-perfect event. Three essential things that influence the choice of a beach as a wedding value are the location and ease of accessibility, size and overall tranquillity. Waterfront venues offer an attractive alternative because of the extraordinary photography opportunities they present.

Finding the perfect waterfront wedding venues in NSW requires a lot of deliberation bearing in mind that there are numerous venues available. Several factors will influence the one you settle for including:


No matter how much you fall in love with a place, if it is financially accessible, it will serve you no good. Different venues charge differently for different packages. There are those who charge rate per guest with all amenities included, while others will offer a flat rate for the venue only and various packages for other services. As you do your research, you will realise that the flat rates are more economical than per-head rates.

Number of Guests

If your waterfront wedding venue is not large enough to accommodate all the guests, you may want to look at other options. Remember that in addition to your invited guested there might be a few wedding gate crashers. It might not be possible to have a complete list of guests, but it is essential to have an estimate. Some venues are only suitable for small weddings.

The Fine Print

Before you commit yourself to any waterfront wedding venue in NSW, do your homework and find out if they have any rules that might not augur well with your wedding event. You might be surprised to find out that some areas are out of bounds, yet you had your eyes on them for the perfect photo shoot. You may also want to find out the time limit issued for your event, and perhaps whether the type of drinks you want on your menu are allowed on the premises. Do not let this catch you by surprise on your big day.

Finding the perfect beach wedding venue can be a little challenging and more so if you do not know our way around. Come to us today and let us make your search for a wedding venue easier.