How to choose a guest speaker for your next event

How to choose a guest speaker for your next event

You’ve made your choice from some terrific Newcastle meeting venues for your next team meeting or company get-together. You know what you want to achieve, and who is attending and their reasons for being there. For an in-company or team event, you may have chosen those to make brief presentations, or assessed how best to use group discussions to cover key areas. You may have settled on a theme and prepared a likely agenda.

To add that little bit more – perhaps to provide a sense of occasion compared to normal team briefings – you’ve decided to invite a guest speaker to come and talk to the group.

Key considerations when making your choice

You’ll be looking for someone with a local reputation – it might even be a current customer of your business. Your choice will likely be someone you know can deliver an engaging speech, one your team will enjoy. However, it’s good to focus on more than this aspect; what they say and how they say it will be of real importance too.

Your aim is for any guest speaker to bring their experience to bear in a way that is relevant to your team and business; for example, in seeing your operation from a customer’s perspective.

Make sure you brief your guest speaker

It’s important to explain to your guest speaker what you are trying to achieve in this meeting or mini-conference. Then, you can ask them to be of relevant, even specific, help when they speak. Without telling them what to say, you might agree a key point or two that they would be happy to refer to during their speech.

Tell them a bit about the small group they’ll be talking to – if they are a customer it’s likely they might know some of the group and not others. Briefing them helps to ensure everyone is included. It’s also good to know if the person will be prepared to take part in a Q & A session afterwards, maybe even remain and contribute to other topics, or be available if you are finishing your event with a buffet or sit-down meal.

As well as making great venue hire choices, taking the time to carefully select and then intelligently brief those you have invited from outside gives your vital in-company gathering the best chance of achieving the objectives you have set for it.