How to Plan a Successful Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding held at Lake Macquarie yacht club

How to Plan a Successful Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is undeniably an enchanting way to celebrate, but it doesn’t mean that couples should skip their research. A hastily planned outdoor affair can lead to guests feeling uncomfortable or vendors being unable to execute their jobs because of various logistical reasons.

Put aside funds for both extream heat and rain plans

Some couples think that getting married outdoors is cheaper because there’s no need for extravagant decor. While this is partially true, don’t forget Mother Nature’s unpredictability. Many wedding venues in Newcastle, for example, have alluring views, but guests might not appreciate them if they’re focused on how cold or hot it is. Whether you’ve chosen a beach or bushland location, always check if the venue will require things such as fans, generators, and portable restrooms.

Provide “comfort necessities”

Remember that your guests will appreciate even the simplest gestures. For weddings during winter months, provide patio heaters or fleece wraps. Many couples dream of a wedding on the shores of Lake Macquarie because of the abundance of scenic spots, but if the environment is sunny, offer parasols or sunscreen to guests.

Inform guests what to expect

Don’t assume they already know the event details. Consider setting up a website or doing an SMS blast to inform them of the wedding venue. If the ceremony is in a garden, remind them to wear comfortable shoes that won’t sink in the grass. For nighttime receptions, encourage them to bring shawls or wraps that complement their outfits. These little reminders are important as well for couples who have included children on their guest list.

Inform your vendors ahead of time

This is a commonly overlooked aspect of planning outdoor weddings. Failing to inform vendors about the scenario can put them in a stressful situation. For wedding venues in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie that don’t have in-house caterers, make sure that their satellite kitchens are spacious enough for outside vendors. It’s also a must to inform the photographer because natural light is crucial for his or her output. Send accurate photos of the location to your vendors to ensure that they have ample time to prepare.