January 2021 Sailing Newsletter

January 2021 Sailing Newsletter

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021

Welcome to the 2nd half of the summer sailing season. We have a great program planned for the remainder of the season with the important Lakefest in February. On Saturday 6th we have the combined Pulbah race with RMYC Toronto followed by the combined Windward Leward series on Saturday 16th. RMYC then have there Heaven Can Wait Race on Saturday 20th https://www.rmyctoronto.com.au/heaven-can-wait and we finish off the month with the RKR race on 27th February.

COVID Safe Sailing

Covid restriction are now being eased by the government but its still very important for us to comply with our Covid-19 Safety Plan. Contact tracing is a very important part of managing the spread of Covid-19.  Since we started the 20-21 season, we have received great support from the skippers and crews. Please ensure Crew Declarations are submitted for every race.

While there are no changes at this stage to our Covid-19 Safety Plan, we will continue to monitor the Health advice and consult with Australian Sailing.

She Sails Program

RMYC Toronto will be holding a She Skippers Regatta on Sunday 14 February 2021. Please follow the link below for more information https://www.rmyctoronto.com.au/regattas.

We are also planning to have a She Sails event in our 2021/22 sailing program. The Friday Twilight Lady Skippers Series will be extended to six races in the 2021/22 sailing season.

Flare practice – 10am Saturday 2oth March

The Cruising Division will be hosting flare practice on Saturday March 20th, commencing at 10:00 am. What better time to learn how these essential safety items work – much better than in the middle of the night during some disaster!

We will notify all authorities and the plan is (weather, COVID and fire bans permitting) to hold the practice at the western end of the marina. Heavy duty gloves and eye protection are mandatory. Long sleeves/trousers and closed in shoes recommended. NO PARACHUTE ROCKETS ARE PERMITTED these are a fire hazard to our neighbours. We recommend in-date flares. If you must bring old (out-of-date) flares then you do so at your own risk – and please check them carefully for signs of damage or deterioration prior to igniting them. Definitely no flares more than 3 years out of date.

This exercise is highly recommended for all skippers and crew members who have never ignited a flare. Flares are an essential (and required) safety feature on all boats and, if you really need them then best not to be fumbling around trying to read their instructions at the time (in the dark, can’t find your glasses, Crew are panicking!!!) Learn how to use them safely and effectively in a controlled situation.

A NSW Maritime education officer will also be attending to give a presentation on how to conduct the mandatory annual service check of inflatable PFDs. Bring along one of your PFDs and learn how to conduct this service check correctly.

Sailing in Hot Weather

Following a a very hot day in November where a number of sailors experienced symptoms of heat exhaustion the Sailing Committee has decided to adopt the Australian Sailing and Sports Medicine Australia Hot Weather Guidelines. This guideline is a practical guide to assist sailing clubs in managing their events during hot weather. This guideline will shortly be distributed to all boat owners. In the event of very hot weather the Race Committee will assess the conditions, the weather forecast and use the Sailing Australia guideline to assist in determining whether racing should proceed. However, all boats are reminded of the need for effective hydration while sailing, particularly in hot weather.

Friday Twilights

Friday twilights are in full swing. Twilight sailing is a great way to introduce friends to sailing in a relaxed race around the bay. It’s also a great way to finish the working week and start the weekend. Why not have a sail and then stay for a few drinks and dinner at the club.

Racing Results


Summer Series 1 was completed at the end of December and in Division 1 Hoi Polloi (Phil Blanch) was 1st on 35 points from Pugsley (Len Lavers) on 43 points and Three Stooges (Steven Liddell) on 44 points. In Division 2, Lucille (Stephen Manhood) was 1st on 45 points from Scaramouche (John Skillicorn) on 57 points and Tereshenko (Frank Cordingly) on 58 points.

Good luck to all boats in Summer Series 2.

Saturday – Summer Series

We are now 4 races into the summer series and the racing is very close.

In 1st Division, Three Stooges (Steve Liddell) is leading on 18 points from Mojo (Mark Benson) on 23 points and The Raging Bull (Andrew Turner) on 24 points on a countback from two other boats.

In 2nd Division, Stampede (Michael McDonald) is leading on 17 points from Excess (Bruce Dobinson) on 18 points and Beat to Quarters (Eddie O’Donnell) on 20 points.

In 3rd Division, Mirage (David Kelty) is leading on 12 points on a countback from 32 Degrees South (Ross Buxton) also on 12 points and  The Shed (Roger Parker) on 16 points.

Saturday – Annual Pointscore

We are now 17 races into the annual pointscore and the racing is each division is very close. Note the results below are after two drops.

In 1st Division, Three Stooges (Steve Liddell) is leading of 68 points from So Farr (Dale Sharp) on 68.5 points  and Ignition (Ian Bower) on 69 points.

In 2nd Division, Excess (Bruce Dobinson) is leading of 70 points from Santana (Michael Graham) on 72 points and Tenacity (David Young) on 74 points.

In 3rd Division, Topaz (Greg Nolan) is leading on 57 points from Mirage (David Kelty) on 58 points and Wedgewood (Roger Geary) also on 58 points.

Contributions Welcome

We are always looking for stories for the Newsletter. If you have a contribution, please forward to me and I will include it in the next Newsletter

Steven Ford

Rear Commodore

E: rearcommodore@lmyc.com.au