How To Best Use Audio In Your Next Corporate Function

How To Best Use Audio In Your Next Corporate Function

If you want your conference or seminar to stand out, you will need to utilise audio and visual aspects. This will not only allow it to operate on another plane but also ensures maximum engagement as compared to a standard lecture-format presentation. It is true that use of audio and video in seminars, including corporate functions, always needs to be of high quality, but here are some other things to bear in mind…


Soundbites help substantiate points made during presentations. Getting audio clips from interviews on the same topic which support your points can be a great way of giving your seminar that extra edge. Ensure these are of a great quality – not muffled, too loud or too quiet – and are edited down to emphasise the most important point.


All presentations can benefit from the use of videos. Not only can videos bring extra life to your message, they are also a versatile and sophisticated medium that can serve any number of purposes. You can make use of video interviews on the topic, commercial ads, relevant news items, educational videos, and TV or film clips. You can also use internet memes that will guarantee your presentation some mainstream appeal, and some laughs too!


Bear in mind that every piece of audio you use while presenting should be relevant to the overall theme of the conference, and should also support your point directly. Music can, therefore, have a desirable effect. You may also try to use an ongoing soundtrack during the presentation. Just make sure that it does not cause interference. Furthermore, you can play a specific song during the presentation to help demonstrate your point. Remember that you should be aware of your audience – throwing in a popular song can shake up your conference so long as it is the right audience.

If you want to give your presentation that edge, audio is the ideal choice. Provide your audience with something unique, something beyond their expectations, and you will get the engagement you are looking for! Such an arrangement will also mean you need to find the perfect venue hire function rooms in Newcastle that can accommodate your AV needs.

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