Member News – Slipway Update

Member News – Slipway Update


Just to give you all an update in regard to the slipway. As of today we are still working with Council and the EPA on a variety of options for keeping the slipway viable. In the interim we are getting the boats on the hardstand back into the water so we can continue to clean up the area.

The lease on the slipway expired on 02/10/2017 and we have negotiated a new 10 year lease pending meeting some very strict criteria including but not limited to getting a full site contamination report as part of the new lease conditions.

As a result of recent discussions with the EPA there will not be an option to DIY at the slipway. Due to the proximity to the lake and the potential for unqualified people to be handling pesticides like antifoul the risk to the environment and potential for fines means that risk to the club is simply too high.

Antifouling paint is a registered pesticide. This fact sheet provides guidance on how to comply with the record keeping and other requirements of the Pesticides Act 1999 (the Act) and Pesticides Regulation 2009 (the Regulation) to ensure that your work practices minimise risk of harm to the community and the environment. Antifoulants ARE pesticides Like all pesticide products sold in Australia, antifouling paints must be approved and registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). You can only use registered pesticides in NSW, unless the APVMA grants approval for use under a permit. Registration includes approving the label directions for each antifouling product.

Fines for the misuse of antifoul and polluting the lake would start at $15000 per offence. I have had members compare our slipway with the facilities At Marmong where DIY is still allowed however the layout of the sites and the levels of supervision are completely different and therefore not comparable.

I ask for the patience from the members whilst we work through these issues to determine the best way forward. As soon as I have any updates I will pass on to the members.


Mark Norden

General Manager