News from the General Manager’s Desk

News from the General Manager’s Desk


Annual Report and Flag Officers report

Members please note that audited financial statements and Flag officer’s reports are on the website. The club recorded a net profit of $147 741. (2016/17 $322675). The club continues to trade strongly with a significant increase across food and beverage for the year offset by a decrease in Poker machine income and more spending of the club house and facilities.


I am pleased to announce that the redevelopment of the existing clubhouse will begin in earnest in the coming weeks. The club has engaged local building company Belmont Bay Constructions to begin work with stage 1 being the removal of the tile roof which is well past its use by date and replace with a new Colorbond roof. This work will begin in late May.

Stage 2 which will be the installation of an outdoor gaming room and the replacement of all the floor in the main auditorium and Main Bar. We will also be installing a brand new larger Bar in this area. This work will be completed over the winter months however I do envisage significant disruption to the club house during this construction phase.

We are planning on having all works completed prior to Sailing Season in September and I am sure everyone will be pleased with the end result. The removal of the gaming room will open up the club house and make access easier to bar and gaming areas particularly on busy Saturdays.

Marina Rectification

The Board and myself are hopeful of mediation with the engineers and Insurance companies taking place in late June. If a suitable resolution is not reached we will continue to the Supreme Court in Sydney in October or November.

Mark Norden

General Manager