News from the General Manager’s Desk

News from the General Manager’s Desk



Members please note that the raffles tonight and for the next 4 weeks are cancelled due to the renovations. Thursday raffles will resume August 16th. The club will still be open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.


Just to give everyone an update on where we are up to with the renovations. The old roof has been removed and a new color bond roof has been installed. The roof looks great and should last the club for many years to come. We are now in the process of removing the floorboards and leveling the floor in the main auditorium and gaming area.

Following this we will be removing the floor in the bar and function space and replacing with a new floor and brand-new bar area. The new outdoor gaming room will be finished in approximately 2 weeks and be open. The entire area will then have new carpet laid and we will paint the interior and exterior of the entire building.

The final stage of this renovation will be the removal of the weatherboard façade of the entire club to be replaced with new cladding and the expansion of the club administration area.

I ask for the member’s patience whilst the work is completed as there will be significant disruption to normal club operations but I am sure everyone will be pleased with the final result. It is our intention to have the majority of the internal works completed prior to the beginning of the sailing season.