October Sailing Newsletter

October Sailing Newsletter

COVID Safe Sailing

Firstly, I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well.

Since we started the 20-21 season, we have received great support from the skippers and crews on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Thank you for completing the Skippers Declaration and the regular Crew Declarations.

Most competitors have used a crew declaration facility on Top Yacht, and we would encourage all skippers to use this.  Ross Ahrens is available to help any skippers or crew in complying with the Safety Plan, the use of Top Yacht or anything related to Covid Safe Sailing.

Please be aware that Covid Safe Sailing requirements that apply on Wednesday and Saturday will also apply to Friday Twilight racing which will start of Friday 9 October.

2020/21 Season Update

The 2020/21 Saturday racing season is up and running, and we have had a good turnout in all Divisions.  The numbers are down a little on last year with 38 boats registered in the Annual Pointscore (12 in Division 1,  14 in Division 2 and 12 in Division 3).   However, we have several boats that have registered for a series or two.  We are pleased that RMYC Toronto boats joined us for a combined Pulbah Series over four races. In the first Pulbah race, the registered boats increased to 59 (16 in Division 1, 16 in Division 2 and 25 in Division 3).  This year we have scheduled twenty-six races with six RK Robertson races, six Windward Leeward (combined with WASC and RMYC), four Pulbah races (with RMYC), five Pursuit races and five Bay races.

2019/20 Presentation

As you would be aware, we were not able to have the presentation for last season.  We were hoping that Covid-19 restrictions would have been lifted to allow us to have a presentation of trophies from last season before the opening day Sail Past on Saturday 5 September.  However, at this stage,  the Covid restrictions on the club mean that a presentation is not possible. We still want to honour the trophy winners from last year, and we will do this as soon as it is practically possible.

Sailing Committee

The members of the Sailing Committee give up their time every month to assist Ross Ahrens and me in the administration of sailing at the Club. Without the help and guidance of the Sailing Committee, it would make both Ross’s and my job much harder.

Dave Anstey (Blazer) has been on the committee for several years and due to work commitments re recently resigned from the committee. Thanks Blazer for all of your help and support over many years.  Gary Van Dijk has joined the committee, and he is a great addition.  The other members of the committee are Ross Ahrens, Phil Blanch, John Anderson, Dale Sharp, Noel Jenkins, Mark Holmes, Eleanor Cunningham and Phil Cunningham.  Please feel free to discuss any aspect of sailing with committee members or me.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

In my last update regarding sponsors, I omitted the RKR sponsors from the list.  My apologies for that oversight. The RKR series is sponsored by RA Mackay Yacht Brokers and Whitworth Marine.  A big thanks to Rod Mackay for his long term sponsorship of this event.

Our 2020/2021 LMYC Sponsors are:

  • Marmong Point Marina (Wednesday Series/Corporate Sponsor)
  • Buy’a’Boat (Bay Series)
  • Stephen Pearson Electrical (Pursuit Series)
  • Marine Outlet (Friday Twilight)
  • Hillier’s Advisors (She Sails Series)
  • Alkira Boatshed (Combined Pulbah Series)
  • Lake Macquarie Moorings (Winter Series)
  • JR Marine (Lakefest 2021 Sponsor 1)
  • Gerry Wubbel’s Automatics (Lakefest 2021 Sponsor 2)
  • Bella Group Services (Combined Windward Leeward)
  • Adam’s Family Meats (Club Supporter)
  • Newcastle Yacht Rigging and Sails (Club Supporter)
  • Sticky Digital (Club Supporter)
  • Cutcher & Neale (Club Supporter)
  • Phillip’s Sails (Club Supporter)
  • Crusoe’s on the Lake (Club Supporter)


Wednesday – Winter Series 2

The Winter Series 2 concluded on 30 September and after 14 scheduled races Dreadnaught (Ed Hillier) took 1st place on 37 points from Another Promise (Jeff Quirk) in 2nd  on 40 points on a countback from Osprey (Ross Shirtley) in 3rd also on 40 points.

Wednesday – Summer Series 1

In the first race of the new series held on 7 October In Division 1, 1st was The Three Stooges (Steve Liddell, 2nd was Excessive (David Nichols) and 3rd was Eat My Shorts (Peter Johnson).  In Division 2, 1st was Mirage (David Kelty), 2nd was Sarsala (David Wondereley) and 3rd was Scaramouche (John Skilicorn).

Saturday Racing

After four scheduled races and one abandoned due to weather, racing is very competitive in all divisions.  In Division 1 Ignition (Ian Bower) is leading on 12 pints on a countback from So Farr (Dales Sharp) also on 12 points and Finished Dreamin (Stephen Schutz) also on 12 points.  In Division 2, Pogue Mahone (Scott Hamilton is leading from Tenacity (David Young) on 14 points  and Hoi Polloi (Phil Blanch) on 15 points. In Division 3, Topaz (Greg Nolan) is leading on 8 points form Wedgwood (Roger Geary) on 10 points and Senta (Paul Jackson) on 12 points.

All the best and please stay safe,

Steven Ford

Rear Commodore LMYC

E: rearcommodore@lmyc.com.au