Past and Present Renovations

Marina extentions update 2nd June 2014

With the recent fine weather the contractors HW&B have been able to accelerate the building and placement of the attenuators. The seagrass friendly decking is also being fitted out and is now complete on the southern side of the marina, with the western arm nearing completion.

All but 2 of the steel piles are driven and in the near future the middle arm will start to take effect. With fair weather prevailing we should be able to catch up on the 10 days of lost activity due to the impact pole driver needing to be replaced.

Overall it is a fantastic marina being built and the interest with boats to fill this new facility is increasing.

Marina extension update Friday 4th April 2014

LMYC marina is a standout in Lake Macquarie.
Progress is apparent with piles and decking stretching out over the new leased area, an example of the new decking is below in the photo.
A very positive feeling is being generated amongst the visitors to LMYC, as many new members are now joining our club to be part of this expanding program.
The new marina will play a pivotal part in securing the future of LMYC for all members and ensures that we can now accommodate the latest technology in both sailing and power crafts on the lake.
Once the new marina is completed a stroll around these crafts will add to the overall dining and entertainment experience.

Progress Report Thursday 6th March 2014

Hunter Wharf & Barge are progressing quite strongly with the new marina; and members will now notice the installation of the Rigidex deck which is far more superior than the existing deck.

Progress had been slowed fractionally when the old pile driving hammer showed signs of deterioration which has now been replaced with a new bigger and better hammer that gives HW&B the ability to catch up on the loss of production.

LMYC is hoping to have this new facility open and occupied for the start of the 2014-2015 sailing season; to date there has been extremely strong interest in the new 64 berth facility, with only minimal spots now available.

For any boat owners still wishing to book a berth please contact Mark Norden 0400 120 088

Progress Report Tuesday 25th February 2014

HWB are progressing very well with piling on the southern side of the marina and coming back along the western side.

The timber bearers and joist are being bolted and fitted together with the new Rigidex deck. At this stage there are large amounts of interest with boats wanting to relocate to Lake Macquarie Yacht Club.

The main attraction to the new marina is convivial atmosphere, along with high quality food and entertainment that exists at LMYC.

Marina Extension 11th December 2013 –Safety requirements

The extension is approx. 25m wider on each side of the existing marina and will extend 115m out from the existing marina. HWB will be using 2 barges during the construction period, they will position the barges to minimise any hazards to navigation and they will display their  all-round white anchor light at night. HWB will use a storage/staging area on the northern side of the club near the existing crane to access the required materials.

There are some swing moorings that will be impacted by the new marina footprint and i am aware that RMS are working with LMYC to adjust these moorings and create new fairways down the southern + northern sides of the new marina.

During the construction period HWB will drive piles to set the new marina footprint. These piles may be up to 50m from any structure and whilst they are inside the mooring area they may present a hazard to navigation especially at night. HWB intend to install RMS style yellow flashing lights to these piles and we will also fit these same lights to the outside edge of the new marina structure as it is built.

The new marina has lighting around its perimeter to the relevant Australian Standard for marinas.

During the construction process we will be transplanting seagrass, the transplant area will be marked with a yellow aqua mark, fitted with signage and a yellow flashing light.

There will also be 3 aqua marks installed on the southern side of the marina/car park to identify sensitive seagrass areas.

21st November 2013

The disruption has started and our sincere apology, for what we are sure that you appreciate is unavoidable.

Members & guests may not be aware that our hydraulic contractor has commenced work in the car park to replace the water supply, sewerage and fire service and this work should be completed in a few weeks’ time.

This will be the first of many activities to be completed for the new marina.

A contract has been awarded to a local company, Hunter Wharf and Barge, for construction of the new marina and delivery of piles has now commenced.

The piles are stored on the north side of the car park which will require a number of Etchells to be relocated both to the eastern end and probably also to the Directors’ parking spots. The Directors have agreed to give them up to support “the cause”!

If you are not already on the waiting list for the marina and would like to enquire about a berth then please contact our General Manager, Alan Patterson, at the Club.


This Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) has been developed to describe Lake Macquarie Yacht Clubs (LMYC) response to a potential pollution incident and to meet the requirements of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (POEO Act 1997).

To access the full document please download the LMYC Pollution Incident Response Management Plan 2016