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Flickr (pronounced “flicker”) is an image hosting and video hosting website and web services suite.

You may view the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Flickr page by clicking here

Flickr allows users to contribute to a group that hosts a pool of photos.

To enter the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Sailing Group click here


The Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Flickr account was created in 2013.

Flickr Group Information

Flickr Group Group: Lake Macquarie Yacht Club

Group Flickr Web Address:

Group Privacy: Public, invitation only.

Non-members can view the group pool (posted photos) but cannot add photos or contribute to group discussions.

Administrator: Admin – Kristen Ladmore

Moderators Names: Moderator – Geoff Edman and Phil Cunningham



How to get involved:

1) Visit

2) In the top right hand corner of the screen click [Sign In]

3) Sign into your yahoo account – If you do not have a yahoo account or email address [Create New Account]

4) The account you use/create is entirely your own. Upload and share your photos as publically or as privately as you like. To learn more about Flickr take a virtual tour on

5) To join the group photo pool of Lake Macquarie Yacht Club, at the top of the screen in the search bar type – Lake Macquarie Yacht Club. You can find our listing under Groups or visit

6) Click – [Join?]

7) Only members of the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Group can add photos to this shared photo pool.

8) All membership requests to the group will be approved by the group moderators.

9) Before access will be granted to the group, you will be asked to agree to the group rules. Please take the time to read the group rules.

10) All submissions to the pool will be reviewed by the moderators before it will appear in the group pool.