COVID Update

Well we have started the transition out of lockdown and the club has reopened to double vaccinated people.

Australian Sailing has issued an update which effectively says that fully vaccinated people may go sailing from 11 October without a restriction on numbers. Here is the link to the update.

We expect we will be able to get back to racing for the fully vaccinated when we reach 80% of eligible people double vaccinated. A further easing of restrictions has been flagged from 1 December when the requirement to be double vaccinated will be lifted.

When we know what the covid rules will be, we will update our Covid Safety Plan and re-issue this to all boats.

2021/22 Season

We have asked skippers what the impact of only double vaccinated people being able to race will have have on their ability to crew their boat.  While most boats will have no impact we have several boats that will not be able to race normally until after 1 December. Given this information, we will recommence racing as soon as we can, but it would not be fair to start point score races until after 1 December when all people can access the club and participate in community sport. Given the dates and rules surrounding community sport are not clear at this stage, it is difficult to provide a definitive plan. However, some indicative dates are –

  • From Monday 11/10 – we can commence safety audits for fully vaccinated auditors and boat owners. A communication will come out later this week with some dates when Safety Audits will be done.
  • From Monday 25/10 – rules will probably relaxed further when we reach 80% double vaccination and Community Sport can commence for the fully vaccinated.
  • Wednesday 27/10 – we could recommence Wednesday racing for double vaccinated people only.
  • Friday 29/10 –  we could start Twilights for double vaccinated people only.
  • Saturday 30/10 – we could start Saturday racing in accordance with the current program for double vaccinated people only. The races will be non-point score sweepstake races with daily prizemoney in the form of club vouchers.
  • Saturday 6/11 – we have a Combined Pulbah race with RMYC and we need to discuss this with RMYC and if this race proceeds it will be a non point score sweepstake race for LMYC boats.
  • Saturday 13/11 – RMYC 30 Miler is on and there is no racing at LMYC. If this event proceeds we would encourage LMYC boats to participate.
  • Sunday 14/11 – She Sails race to be rescheduled to early 2022.
  • Saturday 20/11 – Bay race will be a non point score sweepstake race.
  • Saturday 27/11 – an RKR race is scheduled and we need to discuss this with RMYC and WASC. However, if it proceeds its will be a non point score sweepstake race for LMYC boats.
  • Wednesday 1/12 –  Wednesday racing for all people regardless of vaccination status can commence
  • Friday 3/12 –   Twilight racing for all people regardless of vaccination status can commence
  • Saturday 4/12 – The new season will officially commence with racing open to all people. Point scores will start. We will have the annual the sail past and have our traditional roast meat rolls after sailing if covid rules allow.

All of the above dates are indicative only and may change if the government changes its roadmap.  As things become clearer we will keep members informed.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

I would like to make special mention of our sponsors for the upcoming season. These people support sailing, and if you can support them as well, that would be appreciated.

  • Marmong Point Marina (Wednesday Series/Corporate Sponsor)
  • Buy’a’Boat (Bay Series)
  • Crusoe’s on the Lake (Pursuit Series)
  • Stephen Pearson Electrical (Twilight Series)
  • Hillier’s Advisors (She Sails Series)
  • Fever Tree (She Sails Series)
  • Lake Macquarie Moorings (Winter Series)
  • JR Marine (RKR Series)
  • Whitworths (RKR Series)
  • Newcastle Skin Check (Pulbah Series)
  • Coastal Shipwright Services (Combined Windward Leeward Series)
  • Gerry Wubbel’s Automatics (Club Supporter)
  • Bella Group Services (Club Supporter)
  • Adam’s Family Meats (Club Supporter)
  • Sticky Digital (Club Supporter)
  • Cutcher & Neale (Club Supporter)

All the best and please stay safe,

Steven Ford
Rear Commodore LMYC