Tips for choosing a venue for a corporate function in Lake Macquarie

Tips for choosing a venue for a corporate function in Lake Macquarie

When planning a corporate function, you want to ensure you pull off an event that deserves a standing ovation at the end of the day. Choosing the right venue is an essential aspect of creating a memorable event. However, it is never an easy task to find the perfect setting. But with these few tips, the task can become easier.

1. The location of the venue

No matter how beautiful a venue is, if it is not easily accessible, your guests might fail to turn up. Transportation should be readily available, and for guests arriving in personal-driven vehicles, ensure that there is ample parking for them.

2. Accommodation

If your function runs for more than a day, you want to ensure that accommodation is readily available for the attendees. If the function venues are not located within a hotel, check to see that there are lodging facilities within the vicinity. It should be within walking distance from the site of the event.

3. Variety and quality of food

The type of food served at your function dramatically influences the overall success of the event. The only time the participants have to indulge and relax is during meals. The service provider should be able to provide gluten-free, vegan, and other options according to special dietary requirements.

4. On-site amenities or activities

Not all venues in Newcastle NSW understand that attendees at corporate functions might need to engage in team-building activities. Look for a site that caters for this, perhaps with unique fun activities which participants can use to enhance their agenda.

5. Internet connectivity

Check to see that there is internet availability and connectivity in the area where the venue is located. The venue should also provide Wi-Fi access. In some sites, reception can be poor while others might not offer internet connectivity.

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