Use These Tips for a Great Winter Wedding

Use These Tips for a Great Winter Wedding

Early summer may still be the season most closely associated with weddings, but that’s beginning to change. More and more couples are discovering the beauty and glamour of the winter season and finding that the winter season is the perfect time to say their vows.

There are a number of benefits to planning a winter wedding. The family is already gathered together for the holiday. The venues that were booked solid during the summer months are now available. The cost for just about everything is lower — from the wedding flowers to the cake and the caterer.

Of course, it’s important to plan carefully for your winter wedding. Holding your nuptials in the winter presents a number of challenges, and it’s important to be prepared. These tips can help you make sure your winter wedding goes on without a hitch and gives you a lifetime of wonderful memories.

1. Be prepared for winter weather

The winter season brings plenty of beauty, but that beautiful coating of snow can mean travel hassles. Be sure everyone — from the bride and groom to the wedding party and guests— are prepared for the unexpected. If winter weather strikes, you can swap the wedding limo for a stretch SUV and have the guests carpool in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

2. Dress appropriately

A cold weather wedding should not stop you from looking your best, but it may require a bit of adjustment. You can still walk down the aisle in that beautiful frilly dress, even in the middle of winter, but having a soft furry coat nearby will make you more comfortable.

3. Choose the right shoes

The right shoes are essential for every wedding, and a winter ceremony is no exception. You can dress up your winter wedding and celebrate the spirit of the holiday season with a sparkling pair of red shoes or a beautiful pair of gold high heels. No matter what the colour scheme of your winter wedding, you can find some great shoes to complete the look.

4. Do not assume lower costs across the board

One of the chief benefits of a winter wedding is that prices tend to be much lower, but it would be wrong to assume that everything will cost less. It still pays to shop around and compare vendors — that is always the best way to get a great deal. Also, keep in mind that the cost of fresh flowers could be higher — since those blossoms will likely need to be shipped in for the ceremony.