Wedding colour trends for all seasons in 2018

Wedding colour trends for all seasons in 2018

We know that your big day is probably coming up, but you might not want to follow traditional styles or rules. For most of us, a wedding day will only happen once in our lifetimes, so we ought to make it memorable. The good news is, you don’t have to wait for the weather to be ‘perfect’ for you and your partner to invite your family and friends to witness your union. If you play around with weather-appropriate colours, you will surely nail it and make it exceptionally beautiful. Here are the colour trends that you can play around with in 2018.


Silver can give your event a sleek and cool ambience on a hot summer’s day. Pairing it up with melon orange can help to add a little punch. The result will be a relaxed and dreamy wedding with a sense of sophistication. Deep hunter green and orchid is also a timeless classic that can look stunning in summer.


The azalea shade of hot pink can fire up the breezy passions in spring. Pairing this with blue-grey can be aesthetically pleasing and give you the ‘boy meets girl’ feel. You can complete it with playful topography and geometric patterns. Peach and light periwinkle is a combination that can add sugary sweetness and elegance to a breezy spring.


Coral can add warmth to the chilly autumn and can be perfect with a pop of marigold yellow. This choice of colours can make your wedding cheery, glowing and dreamy with a touch of elegance. You can also combine deep berry purple with mulberry and yellow for a classic feel. Botanical accessories on your wedding invitations are ideal for autumn.


A combination of green and red is just perfect for a winter wedding because there is something so comforting about these colours. You want to make your winter wedding really cosy, so consider seasonal favours like blankets, cookies, and candles to add a feeling of warmth.

Whatever the season, don’t shy away from creating your dream wedding; with the right choice of colour combinations, it can be memorable. Call us today if you need to book a wedding venue in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.