Amendments & Notices



Notes of Amendments to LMYC Sailing Instructions, in this section, are posted as an aid to members. Formal Amendments are posted on the LMYC Notice Board in compliance with LMYC Sailing Instruction 32.

Amendments must be read in conjunction with the current LMYC Sailing Instructions.

Notes of Amendments Racing Rules of Sailing, AS Special Regulations or AS Interpretations are posted as an aid to Members. AS Amendments and Interpretations may be downloaded from the AS website. These Amendments should be pasted into the AS Racing Rules of Sailing (The Blue Book)


R K Robertson 20-21

Amendment 1 16/09/20





2017 -2020 YA Rules of Saling

AS RRS 2017-2020


YA Special Regulations 

11/8/17 None current

AS Special Regulations 2017-2020



11/8/17 None current