Cruising Division



Revelling in one of the nation’s most colourful, non-commercial shipping waterways, Lake Macquarie Yacht Club offers a very active cruising division for all types of vessels with a program of cruising and social events conducted throughout the year.
Cruising Events range from lake cruising, coastal cruising, social outings and skills days.

About the Cruising Division

LMYC Cruising Division is a formally organised group with regular meetings and events.

Our aim is to;
                  ♦ Promote cruising activities within LMYC
                  ♦ Promote the skills necessary for coastal and offshore cruising
                  ♦ Arrange cruising activities and events
                  ♦ Promote the principles of good seamanship and safety
Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in the Bridgedeck function room at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club at 7:30pm.
A guest speaker is often in attendance with many diverse and interesting topics being discussed. Whilst members of this division must be a boat owner and current financial member of Lake Macquarie Yacht Club, visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings and outings.


Interested in becoming a CD member?

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New members are always welcomed.

Please note that new membership is only open to financial sailing members of LMYC.

Please enclose fees with the application form.


For information on Cruising please contact

Skipper – Ken Archer – PH: 02 4946 7751

Secretary – Trudi Butler – PH: 0407 912 825

Treasurer – Ross Shirtley – PH: 4945 0641


The Cruising Division calendar comprises lake cruising, coastal cruising, social outings and skills days (including safety, navigation and VHF radio).
The experienced offshore sailors of the Cruising Division are always happy to assist first timers and are keen to help, and share their passion for sailing.

Upcoming Events 2018

8th January BBQ at LMYC

17th and 18th February Cruise

4th to 16th March Pittwater Cruise

1st April Easter Cruise

19th and 20th May Cruise and Soup day

16th June Navigation Rally

14th July Jumble Sale

18th August Skills day

1st September Open Day

15th and 16th September Cruise

13th to 19th October Ivan Irwin Cruise

17th November Cruise

10th December Christmas party

31st December New Years Eve


The Cruising Division General Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month. The meeting commences from 7:30pm


11th February

8th April

13th May

10th June

8th July

12th August

9th September

14th October

11th November

9th December Christmas Party