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For Sale and Wanted ads relative to Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Sailing activities are available to be submitted via email to be posted as an advertisement below


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Current Listings as 01/02/2021

For Sale & Wanted Products

Item One



The boarding platform/step at berth G-5 is up for sale. This was a bespoke item ordered as a prototype and was professionally manufactured out of alloy. It will be shortly removed from the berth, unless it is required to be left in—situ. Cost $900, but willing to accept $450.


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Ian Murray

Mobile: 0414 410 106



Item Two


FOR SALE –  FORSHEDA (Swedish made) mooring compensators


Used but in good condition, I have four large (630mm) and two smaller (575mm) compensators for sale.


These retail at $125 and $80 new. Willing to accept offers in the region of $50/$35 each, or can sell as a job-lot for $220.

To fit rope sizes:


RWB-4597 575mm (rope 18-20mm)
RWB-4598 630mm (rope 22-24mm)