Protests & Redress

Protests and Redress


Karma, Lucille, Konan The Bavarian v Quiet achiever


Notices of Hearing posted in this section comply with LMYC Sailing Instruction 25.4




Use of the following  Australian Sailing Protest Form is in full compliance with LMYC Sailing Instruction 25.1 When completed the Form shall be lodged in accordance with LMYC Sailing Instruction 25.2 The completed Form shall be lodged within the time limit for protests, racing rule 61.3 or Requests for Redress, racing rule 62.2.


4/11/19 Sarsala v’s Midlife – Midlife takes DPI

4/11/19 Pentangle, Treka v’s Wild Cherry – Wild Cherry takes DPI

12/11/20 Pentangle v’s Nymph– Nymph takes disqualification, Pentangle Average points for Pointscore


Protest decisions posted in this section do not affect a Party’s right to lodge an Appeal under racing rule 70.1 and seek Review under racing rule 71.4 and YA Addendum B. When an Appeal or Review is lodged this fact will be noted and the appeal or review decision posted when it becomes available.



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